The Emili is two ultra-small e-cigarettes within a portable, stylish, slim black case. The extremely cool case is also a battery, that wirelessly charges the e-cigarettes allowing for continuous charging on the go. Two e-cigarettes allow you to smoke two different flavours or smoke one while the other charges. The 3rd generation vapor system on the cartridge supports bottom filling, bottom heating and a changeable coil, delivering the ultimate experience.


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The Smiss Emili

₹69.99 Regular Price
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  • A creative idea in a compact size that ignites a new era of vaping, Emili is a new e-cigarette that uses the latest atomization technology. Emili features an invisible mouthpiece, e-liquid injection and heating at the bottom, a separate kit, a coil-replaceable clearomizer, an embedded power case, innovative design, and a sliding top cover. Emili guarantees a healthy, comfortable, fashionable, and outstanding atomization experience anytime anywhere.